21 Jul 2019Romans 16: Changing our BehaviourJulie GardinerMP3PDF
14 Jul 2019God-Fearing But Not FearfulDr Karen WalkerMP3PDF
7 Jul 2019Introduction to RomansDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
30 Jun 2019Friends of SinnersJulie GardinerMP3PDF
30 Jun 2019Pre-Sermon: Julie's StoryJulie GardinerMP3
23 Jun 2019Being the ChurchSimon UppillMP3PDF
16 Jun 2019PentecostDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
9 Jun 2019The AscensionJulie GardinerMP3PDF
2 Jun 2019The Smith Family: PresentationAndrew SmithMP3PDF
26 May 2019Perspectives on PrayerTanya, Phil, JoanMP3
19 May 2019Fear and FaithPhil GregoryMP3PDF
12 May 2019Getting Our Feet WetJulie GardinerMP3PDF
5 May 2019Praise to God for a Living HopeJulie GardinerMP3PDF
28 Apr 2019Well That Was EasterDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
21 Apr 2019Easter SundayJulie GardinerMP3
14 Apr 2019What Do You See?Tani HawkinsMP3PDF
7 Apr 2019Message on the Prophetic WordsRussell ThompsonMP3PDF
31 Mar 2019Paul's Guide to GivingDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
24 Mar 2019Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Walls Against the EnemyJulie GardinerMP3PDF
17 Mar 2019Holiness and GraceChris WilsonMP3PDF
10 Mar 2019Create in US a Clean HeartDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
3 Mar 2019Perspectives on PrayerDavid, Ross, SallyMP3
24 Feb 2019FastingJulie GardinerMP3PDF
17 Feb 2019Obeying The Call of GodJeni WardMP3
10 Feb 2019Psalm 51: Sin and RepentanceDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
3 Feb 2019Psalm 51: Create in Me a Clean HeartJulie GardinerMP3PDF
27 Jan 2019Psalm 121: HopeDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
20 Jan 2019ChangeRussell ThompsonMP3PDF
13 Jan 2019Freedom in ChristSteve Hawkinsn/aPDF
6 Jan 2019The Divine PresenceGeorge TurleyMP3
30 Dec 2018Simeon and AnnaDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
16 Dec 2018Don't PanicBen MortonMP3PDF
9 Dec 2018Timing is EverythingDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
2 Dec 2018 Perspectives on ChurchGraham, Bonnie, PhilMP3
25 Nov 2018Fanning the FlameSimon UppillMP3PDF
11 Nov 2018TableDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
4 Nov 2018The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Pt 2Julie GardinerMP3PDF
28 Oct 2018The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Pt 1Julie GardinerMP3PDF
21 Oct 2018Sitting With Our SinTani HawkinsMP3
14 Oct 2018H.T.M.LDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
7 Oct 2018Acts 29: What Happens NextDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
30 Sep 2018Facing ChangeGeorge TurleyMP3
23 Sep 2018The Mercy SeatChris WilsonMP3PDF
16 Sep 2018Message on EstherJeni WardMP3
9 Sep 2018Acts 27-28: The Blockbuster EndingJulie GardinerMP3PDF
26 Aug 2018Acts 25-26: Keep Up Your Courage!Daniel GardinerMP3PDF
19 Aug 2018What's Driving You?Julie GardinerMP3PDF
12 Aug 2018Perspectives on ChurchHolly, Joan, TomMP3
5 Aug 2018What Do You See?Daniel GardinerMP3PDF
29 Jul 2018Acts 24: Comforting The Disturbed & Disturbing The ComfortableJulie GardinerMP3PDF
22 Jul 2018Being a Well From Which People Can DrawBev MurrillMP3PDF
15 Jul 2018Earnestly Seeking After The Holy SpiritRussell ThompsonMP3PDF
8 Jul 2018Acts 23: Advancing The GospelDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
1 Jul 2018Acts 22: The Gospel Takes The StageJulie GardinerMP3PDF
24 Jun 2018Acts 21: Remember The End of The Story!Julie GardinerMP3PDF
17 Jun 2018We Have a Great High PriestChris WilsonMP3PDF
10 Jun 2018Acts 20: What Would Your Famous Last Words Be?Julie GardinerMP3PDF
3 Jun 2018Being AuthenticRussell ThompsonMP3PDF
27 May 2018The ShemaPhil GregoryMP3
20 May 2018Perspectives on ChurchDavid, Steve, RebeccaMP3
13 May 2018Acts 19: Missions & The Early ChurchJulie GardinerMP3
6 May 2018Acts 18: Paul's 2nd Journey + Additional ThoughtsDaniel GardinerMP3PDF
29 Apr 2018Is It Enough?Chris WilsonMP3PDF
22 Apr 2018Stewardship (Part 2)Russell ThompsonMP3
15 Apr 2018The Tapestry of LifeGeorge TurleyMP3
8 Apr 2018Living in FreedomJulie GardinerMP3
1 Apr 2018Because of Jesus There is HopeDaniel GardinerMP3
25 Mar 2018Made in the Image of GodGeorge TurleyMP3
18 Mar 2018Stewardship (Part 1)Russell ThompsonMP3
11 Mar 2018Discussion About TithingDaniel & Julie GardinerMP3
4 Mar 2018Acts 17: EvangelismJulie GardinerMP3
25 Feb 2018Sowing the Seeds of LightBev MurrillMP3
18 Feb 2018Perspectives on ChurchBron, Barry, PamelaMP3
11 Feb 2018Acts 15: Why I Can't Preach a Message on TithingDaniel GardinerMP3
4 Feb 2018Walk by FaithJulie GardinerMP3
28 Jan 2018Are You Struggling?Steve HawkinsMP3
21 Jan 2018Letting GoTani HawkinsMP3
14 Jan 2018Acts 16: Paul's Second Ministry JourneyDaniel GardinerMP3
7 Jan 2018Asking The Lord About This YearJulie GardinerMP3
31 Dec 2017ExpectationsGeorge TurleyMP3
17 Dec 2017Christmas MessageRichard JansenMP3
10 Dec 2017Recap + How Are We Doing?Daniel GardinerMP3
3 Dec 2017Acts 15: The Big FightJulie GardinerMP3
19 Nov 2017Acts 15: Church Controversy over CircumcisionDaniel GardinerMP3
12 Nov 2017Perspectives on WorshipPhil, Steve, JulieMP3
5 Nov 2017Acts 14: Hardships & KingdomRichard JansenMP3
29 Oct 2017Acts 13: Being Filled With The Spirit (Part 2)Julie GardinerMP3
22 Oct 2017Acts 11: The Presence of God in UsDaniel GardinerMP3
15 Oct 2017God MomentsRussell ThompsonMP3
8 Oct 2017Acts 10: Being Filled With The Spirit (Part 1)Julie GardinerMP3
6 Oct 2017Controversial Conversations: Women in LeadershipDr Karen WalkerMP3
1 Oct 2017Acts 10: Story OutlineJulie GardinerMP3
24 Sep 2017Acts 9: Nothing To FearRichard JansenMP3
17 Sep 2017Acts 8: How the Early Church Related to the Previously ExcludedDaniel GardinerMP3
10 Sep 2017Our Christian Hope: The Resurrection of the DeadDr Aaron ChalmersMP3
3 Sep 2017Acts 6-7: Two Ways To RespondJulie GardinerMP3
27 Aug 2017Perspectives on WorshipChris, John, PamelaMP3PDF
20 Aug 2017Connectedness & God's KingdomRussell ThompsonMP3
6 Aug 2017Acts 4: Boldness and RejoicingDaniel GardinerMP3
30 Jul 2017Like Little ChildrenGeorge TurleyMP3
23 Jul 2017Acts 3: Kingdom of God ThinkingJulie GardinerMP3
16 Jul 2017Acts 3: Including the ExcludedJulie GardinerMP3
9 Jul 2017The Story of Ruth: New BeginningsTani HawkinsMP3
2 Jul 2017The Book of Acts: OverviewDaniel GardinerMP3
25 Jun 2017Sola ScripturaJulie & Daniel GardinerMP3
18 Jun 2017SurrenderLesley HoustonMP3
11 Jun 2017Just When Was The Holy Spirit Received?Daniel GardinerMP3
4 Jun 2017The Day of PentecostMelinda CousinsMP3
28 May 2017Perspectives on WorshipJill, Bree, BenMP3
21 May 2017Jesus and ZacchaeusTodd PrattMP3
14 May 2017John 21Julie GardinerMP3
7 May 2017Incarnation and MissionRichard JansenMP3
30 Apr 2017John 20Daniel GardinerMP3
28 Apr 2017Ask Julie Q+A EveningJulie GardinerMP3
23 Apr 2017God is Light (Part 2)Russell ThompsonMP3
16 Apr 2017Christ Is Risen!Julie GardinerMP3
9 Apr 2017HumilityBen GardinerMP3
2 Apr 2017God is Light (Part 1)Russell ThompsonMP3
26 Mar 2017Well With My SoulGeorge TurleyMP3
19 Mar 2017Faith Expressed in LoveDaniel GardinerMP3
12 Mar 2017The Holy Spirit/ Love In The TrinityDavid McGregorMP3
5 Mar 2017John 18Julie GardinerMP3
26 Feb 2017Perspectives on WorshipJames, Belinda, JohnMP3
19 Feb 2017John 5Daniel GardinerMP3
12 Feb 2017John 17 - ContinuedJulie GardinerMP3
5 Feb 2017WorshipRussell ThompsonMP3
29 Jan 2017John 17Julie GardinerMP3
22 Jan 2017John 16Daniel GardinerMP3
15 Jan 20171 Corinthians 12: The Body of ChristRichard JansenMP3
8 Jan 2017John 15: Abide in ChristJulie GardinerMP3
11 Dec 2016There is a Fire ComingRussell ThompsonMP3
27 Nov 2016Love: God's Diversity Management PlanDaniel GardinerMP3
13 Nov 2016John 14Julie GardinerMP3PDF
6 Nov 2016Psalm 23Lesley HoustonMP3PDF
30 Oct 2016John 13Daniel GardinerMP3PDF
23 Oct 2016Being a Person of FaithTani HawkinsMP3PDF
16 Oct 2016Missions & The Body of ChristJeni WardMP3PDF
9 Oct 2016DepressionJulie GardinerMP3
2 Oct 2016John 12: Seeing JesusRichard JansenMP3PDF
25 Sep 2016Diversity and the KingdomDaniel GardinerMP3
18 Sep 2016Aboriginal PerspectivesBrooke PrentisMP3PDF
11 Sep 2016Hassan/ Pamela TestimoniesHassan and PamelaMP3
21 Aug 2016ChaplaincyNerida MenzelMP3
14 Aug 2016Perspectives on HellJulie GardinerMP3PDF
19 Jun 2016John 8Julie GardinerMP3PDF
12 Jun 2016Widow of ZarephathBev MurrillMP3PDF
17 Apr 2016Salvation (Habakkuk 3)Daniel GardinerMP3
25 Oct 2015Commanded To Love AnotherGeorge TurleyMP3
11 Oct 2015Lessons From CorinthTricia BishopMP3
13 Sep 2015John 11Julie GardinerMP3
6 Sep 2015ConnectivityDaniel GardinerMP3
26 Jul 2015Where We're Headed in PreachingDaniel GardinerMP3
21 Jun 2015Steps of Intercession - 2Julie GardinerMP3
14 Jun 2015Steps of Intercession - 1Julie GardinerMP3
7 Jun 2015What Does God's Voice Sound Like?Julie GardinerMP3
17 May 2015Biblical Examples of Hearing the Voice of GodJulie GardinerMP3
5 Apr 2015What the Cross Means to MeJulie GardinerMP3
29 Mar 2015Saul's ConversionMike MillsMP3
1 Feb 2015Daniel 7 (Apocalyptic Literature)Julie GardinerMP3
19 Oct 2014The Kingdom of God isJulie GardinerMP3
12 Oct 2014The Soul and the Human SpiritGeorge TurleyMP3
5 Oct 2014God's Mercy (Amos 4)Nigel O'ReillyMP3
4 Oct 2014Leadership Seminar - Session 4Rick MurrillMP3
4 Oct 2014Leadership Seminar - Session 3Bev MurrillMP3
4 Oct 2014Leadership Seminar - Session 2Bev MurrillMP3
4 Oct 2014Leadership Seminar - Session 1Rick MurrillMP3
4 Oct 2014Leadership Seminar - IntroductionDaniel GardinerMP3
28 Sep 2014How You Might Read The BibleDaniel GardinerMP3
7 Sep 2014Kingdom of Heaven - 2Daniel GardinerMP3
31 Aug 2014Kingdom of Heaven - 1Daniel GardinerMP3
24 Aug 2014For God's Sake Be A ChristianJulie GardinerMP3
10 Aug 2014Ephesians 2:8-10Lesley HoustonMP3
27 Jul 2014God's Kingdom, His RulesJulie GardinerMP3
20 Jul 2014The Body of God's ChurchJeni WardMP3
13 Jul 2014You Have The Right, Then WhatDaniel GardinerMP3
29 Jun 2014God Flooding CBBC By His LoveJulie GardinerMP3
15 Jun 2014GenerosityDaniel GardinerMP3
1 Jun 2014TithingDaniel GardinerMP3
25 May 2014Our WalkDaniel & Julie GardinerMP3
4 May 2014Acts 10Daniel GardinerMP3
27 Apr 2014God's Kingdom on EarthJulie GardinerMP3
20 Apr 2014Finding Easter in Today's WorldGeorge TurleyMP3
18 Apr 2014Good FridayThe GardinersMP3
13 Apr 2014The Work of TransformationDaniel GardinerMP3
6 Apr 2014Context of PrayerJulie GardinerMP3
16 Mar 2014Looking Through the 1st Century Window of JamesJulie GardinerMP3
9 Mar 2014It's Not InformationDaniel GardinerMP3
2 Mar 2014God (Monday to Friday)Matt GrayMP3
16 Feb 2014Altar of My HeartJulie GardinerMP3
12 Jan 2014God Put The Lonely Into FamiliesJulie GardinerMP3
5 Jan 2014Don't Give Up, God's Spirit Will HelpDaniel GardinerMP3