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What is the truth?

by Mrs Jesus Follower

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the truth…these words kept going through my head. She sat there staring out the window, her little girl playing on the floor beside her. I stood there watching this young mum who was so deep in thought. She’d been telling me of a conversation she’d had with another Christian…it […]

about being real

by Mrs Jesus Follower

‘Be real,’ say Daniel and Julie. ‘Are we actually doing what we say we believe?’ they ask And so I ask myself the question, am I willing to be real? Sometimes it’s a bit like…will the real me please stand up because I don’t know if I know the real me yet!!! To be a […]

A Christians’ Response to Terrorism

by Mrs Jesus Follower

I’ve been thinking. Recently I’ve heard that a Christian leader I highly respect was leading a forum on ‘The Christian response to Terrorism’. While I’d really like to hear that discussion, I began to think about my own attitude. Oh, I pray for our country that we will be protected from such attacks…for the wider […]

Pastors Ponderings

by A Jesus Follower

We are currently going through the book Acts for our sermon series.  Already we have learned that the book was a record of how, what was to become the global Church, was founded. The book was supposed to be read following the book of Luke (who is the author of both books) with the gospel […]

pastors pondering

by A Jesus Follower

When people talk about what happened after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, his ascension to the Father, and the start of ‘the early church’ they agree it all stared in Jerusalem. But defining the ‘it’ is more difficult. What began in Jerusalem? Some say Christianity but the word ‘Christian’ didn’t appear for decades so obviously […]

yes – no – or wait?

by A Jesus Follower

I’ve been thinking… As I grabbed my keys and picked up my handbag to race out the door, I flipped over my daily calendar and the comment for the day was, ‘God always answers our prayer with a yes, no or wait a while’. I thought, ‘Mmmm I don’t think I’ve heard those words when […]