A moment in time

There are a few times in my life where I’ve experienced a time warp. One such time was when I discovered some lost letters from an uncle whom I’d never had the privilege to know. I curled up on the lounge and became lost in another world. I was a little girl again enjoying wandering through the paddocks of our farm but this time I was spending time with a kind, caring fun loving uncle. I cried for the times I’d never had and would never experience.

I had another similar moment the other Sunday as Julie summarised what she’d been sharing from John 17.

For just a moment I was there, head bowed before my Saviour as he prayed for me. I was there as he placed his hand on me and prayed for me.  It was only a fleeting moment but it left me overwhelmed with this truth…and this same Jesus is still praying for me…for each of us today… Our Lord Jesus Christ is at the right hand of God interceding for us right now just as he did all those years ago.