about being real

‘Be real,’ say Daniel and Julie. ‘Are we actually doing what we say we believe?’ they ask

And so I ask myself the question, am I willing to be real?

Sometimes it’s a bit like…will the real me please stand up because I don’t know if I know the real me yet!!!

To be a real group of Jesus followers here at CBBC isn’t necessarily going to come in a neat package…it could be messy! In Aussie terms, I guess we’re a bunch of misfits trying to ‘get’ each other.

It will be a journey of unique, vulnerable L platers with our own baggage, our own family cultures & church cultures allowing others to see the real us…allowing others to be their real self.  Am I willing to be that vulnerable, accountable…honest? Am I willing to love, value and respect each and every one of you here at CBBC regardless of the fact that I might not ‘get you’? Can you accept me?

I’m a pleaser and, as a pleaser, I’m trapped….don’t like to get it wrong…to fail. It’s easier for me to be and do what others want or expect rather than be true to myself. By holding back because I feel different to others, I’m holding back the blessings God wants to bring to others through me. Difficult to accept but true. I’m a part of a Body however small and unworthy I feel…part of the Body of CBBC so I’ll be in this with you…this journey of being real.

It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s freeing, it’s humbling, it’s challenging. In fact, as Daniel and Julie said, at times it’s plain uncomfortable.

And so I ask myself… am I truly me…unafraid…free from expectations…eager to see where God is leading me? I’m not sure but I know I’m on an incredible journey and by God’s grace I am determined to continue.

Father God, you know us, nothing is hidden from you…and I ask, in Jesus Name, that You make me more like yourself. Bring us here at CBBC….just a small part of your Body…closer and closer into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this we’ll find our true and unique oneness.