Another Perspective

I hesitate…I stop and start as I try and put this together. Why? Because it’s different…I’m different. Isn’t this what Julie’s been telling us? Isn’t this what makes unity in Christ unique? Yes, I know all that but…

I set my laptop aside and wander into the kitchen.  Pulling down my jar of licorice-allsorts I glance through them and suddenly notice that there are two identical ones. Well, guess what Julie, I think CBBC might even beat that!

Why? Because my story of understanding worship is different again! It begins with God and me! No music; no singing; not even other believers. It had to; it must or I wouldn’t have survived.

You see, at times my circumstances have put me in places of isolation where it was just God and me. I’ve sat in the sun in the early hours of a Sunday morning and wept in my loneliness, grieving for the fellowship of worshipping with others. But that didn’t stop me from worshipping. Sitting there in my aloneness, I knew I was in the presence of God so how could I do anything but acknowledge his power and glory; his presence and faithfulness. How could I do anything but worship this awesome, fearful, creator God whose presence I dared to enter without any fear or trepidation?

Although I have the privilege of being with other believers now, I don’t think I’d get through my week without those times of worship. I don’t always use words…I don’t need to, as I stand out under the stars at night or watch the ocean with all its power and potential fury. Sometimes it’s been walking through our unique Aussie bush land or standing in the centre of Australia where there’s nothing but red dirt that I find myself worshipping our ever-present God.

A challenge for me in protecting our ‘oneness’ is to remember that, yes, we are all unique and we as believers all have different circumstances and personalities. Some of us depend more than others on the music and the guidance of gifted, Godly leaders to bring them to their times of worship.

However, one thing I know for certain is that God has created us, his Church, to worship him as a Body and it’s in the power of corporate praise and worship that God is glorified, souls are drawn to our Saviour and the devil cringes!!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! All glory and honour belong to Him!!