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I looked in the mirror. I saw my reflection and thought, “Gee, how I’ve changed in this past year.” Twelve months ago I had no hair on my head, it was a case of depression, that any hair on my scone had to come off. It was like a form of self-abuse, by doing this […]

L Plate Christian- it’s priceless

by L Plate Christian

Whilst sitting, waiting for the service to start last Sunday, I couldn’t help notice all the little children about the church. I thought to myself, “how quickly the really young ones had progressed to walking and some of them running around”. The looks of pure happiness on their faces were priceless. Then I thought, “I […]

L Plate Christian…it’s a wonderful book

by L Plate Christian

Everyday I read my bible, broken up into new and old testaments. This week, I started reading Ecclesiastes chapter 3. It occurred to me that these were lines from a favourite song of mine, “’tis the season, turn, turn turn” (Peter Seeger), sung by The Byrds..”a time to live, a time to die”. This made […]

L Plate Christian- what is the truth?

by L Plate Christian

I had to face up to my first condemnation for being a born again Christian a few days ago. People who you think you are friendly with can change in an instant when you say you believe in God. They asked me why I believed that stuff, then they were gone. A few days later, […]

new to all this Jesus stuff…

by L Plate Christian

I have been thinking about when I go to Church on Sunday’s.  Do I hear what is being said?   Do I think about its meanings? I have a new challenge: to take time to listen; take time to think.  There is a message in it for me.