Could this be you?

The following is an extract from a day in the life of a CBBC volunteer:

 Could this be you?

I dropped the shopping onto the kitchen bench, scrubbed my hands and pulled an apron over my head.  Flicking the kettle on I wandered into the Hall where a jumble of happy voices floated toward me. A buzz of excitement ran through me. After months…years of praying for our Kids Club at CBBC it was finally happening…Kids For Christ had begun and now, just in a small way, I was a part of it.

I wandered back into the kitchen and set out the muffins I’d made for their afternoon tea and, of course, made my cuppa which is always a priority for a 70 year-old 

It didn’t take long to get the “spaghetti bog” on and bubbling so, taking my cuppa with me, I wandered back into the Hall. What a thrill to watch and listen to their happy chat and to thank God for these dedicated leaders!

As I put the final pots away I thanked God once more for this precious opportunity for, not only our own kids to be encouraged and nurtured, but also to reflect Jesus to the children of our wider community.  As I turned off the kitchen lights and walked out, a friend met me. One look at me and they asked in a very concerned voice, are you up to doing this? I stood there and thought a moment…yes! I am weary but I have such a passion for this work that, yes, I’ve got a fire in my bones but I’ve got a fire in my belly so yes, I’m more than ok!

Could this be you? Maybe not the weary bones but…??

Currently Phil and Belinda and our ‘is there-anything-you’re-not-involved-in?’ Julie are pretty much it leading Kids for Christ. Whether you’re 16, 106 or anything in between is this something you’d be willing to pray about to see if you, in some very small or more significant way, could encourage these faithful servants?

…The words I say do the same thing. They make things happen that I want to happen. They succeed in doing what I send them to do.                        Isaiah 55:11 ICB