We would love to welcome you to a new way of connecting!

  • 1st Monday evening of each month, 7.30pm – the ladies are invited to meet for share and prayer time at the church.
  • 3rd Monday evening, each month, 7.30pm – the men meet up @ TBA
  • 2nd Sunday morning, each month, 8.30am – we invite you to join us as families for a shared breakfast before the service, served by each life group in turn.

We will keep the conversations going around how we run these brekkie times but the focus is on gathering, and the aim is to keep food simple and the connection rich. Let’s kick off with the ladies, Monday 7th September, the men on the 21st September, and our families brekkie before church on the 13th September!

For further information please contact Tani Hawkins, or the church office on 08 7200 5611.