God Can

He held the child close to his breast. It was unthinkable that this tiny perfectly formed child had no life…would never breathe the air he breathed or see the faces of his loved ones gathered round him.

His heart was breaking and his tears flowed as he cried, ‘Work a miracle, oh God, and breathe life into this child.’

I sat listening to his story; it was as if I’d been there.

But would I have dared to pray a prayer like that? Would I have dared to believe? Should we dare to pray that prayer?

No sooner had I asked myself that questions than I knew the answer.

Yes!  Of course we dare to pray that prayer…of course God can do that! He is the giver of life, the worker of miracles and it’s in this very truth I find my peace. God can!

And so we dare to trust our Sovereign God knowing that what He purposes He will do!   

I will trust in You, my God,

I will say You are my God,

Our times are in Your Hands!