God Moments

I was chatting to a good friend this week about growing in our relationship with God and how sometimes we just feel stuck in our walk.

I can say being a mumma of three and having worked full time on and off in the last 12 years that… it’s hard! ( really-really-super-mega-hard) As mummas we loose our identity, we are busy, tired, run down and stretched to our own mental and physical limits. I have spent numerous times wondering who am I and why am I really here? How on earth do I fit God into my life when all I can think about is getting a full nights sleep and whether or not I have milk in the fridge? I am constantly putting my kids and family first, but being told to remember me and look out for myself. My priorities are torn, who really comes first .. and how do I do it?

This got me thinking, I came to the realization that we can’t. We can’t do anything on our own and we can’t put ourselves first without putting God ahead of us to lead the way, We can’t fit God in if we rely on ourselves and our own earthly limitations. We can’t hear from God when we are constantly telling him to be quiet and don’t take the time to communicate. That’s right! A relationship requires “relations”, communication and conversation.

This morning my light bulb moment happened while in the shower ( yep that’s me time, no kids, brain can gather its thoughts). If we put God first and focus on him, his relationship with us strengthens us to cope, to love, to share and to re evaluate where we are. Not only that when we remember that he is always with us and dwelling within us we know that he isn’t far away and we are never alone. That our strained relationship with him isn’t actually bad but just different in this season we are in. While we are racing around trying to catch up with our lives he has not forgotten us or left us to just wander aimlessly. Our journey continues on and he is actually right there along side us.

I feel like I haven’t really listened to a sermon at church since my toddler was born, I know I don’t set aside time to pray or read my bible like I’d like to, but God is with me. I am blessed continuously and when I do cry out to him in desperation I feel his love and grace.

Sooo… the questions still stand. How do I do it? How do I put God first? Where is that time in my day to talk to God?

I’m sorry I don’t actually have all the answers and for each individual it will be different, but what I do know is a little goes a long way, that God is reaching out to us just as we are towards him. We don’t go that whole way on our own he meets us right there where we are arms open wide and welcoming us in. He doesn’t require copious amounts of your time and attention just that you acknowledge him and his love in your heart. It’s never hard with God he actually makes it super easy if you reach out and ask for his unchanging grace and love. You can seek him in prayer in the shower or while you drive, you can see him in the eyes of your toddler when they smile. Our relational God wants you just as much as you long for him, he is already there waiting he is ready to embrace you his loved child. Don’t give up, God hasn’t, and he won’t.

I really feel to just encourage that person reading this who is feeling lost, who is wondering where did God go? He is there he is with you but this season looks different nothing can ever stay the same, the only constant is our Gods love and graciousness. Reach out he will meet you where you are. Oh and very importantly YOU ARE LOVED!