Hold faith until he come!

Until He Come!

Why celebrate Easter once a year?

The truth of the cross is almost lost, I fear

Every day, yes every day until He Come!

‘Till He Come!’ What precious words!

Words we’ve long forgotten.

‘Till He Come,’ what does it mean?

To our younger generation?

What’s happening to our world?

I hear the people cry.

Is it true its coming to an end?

We surely all will die!

Our planet’s rapidly declining

Are words heard most everywhere.

Where are the words of hope they need

To save them from despair?

Who is calling back to them?

This planet doesn’t need to last forever?

Our God is creating something new

Something that will last forever!

Why are we silent? Why so quiet?

How complacent we’ve become!

When all our children need to hear

Is the promise, ‘Till I come!’

Have we lost the powerful truth

Of those words until He come?

Have we lost the expectation

Of waiting for God’s Son?

Do we live each day, each week,

Expecting His return?

Or are we so caught up in life

This truth we sometimes spurn?

When we share in the Lord’s supper

To recall Christ’s victory won

Why don’t we all cry out together

Until my Saviour comes!

What about each meal time?

Is this a time that we’re together?

Do we think of what our Saviour’s done?

Or just talk about the weather!

Let’s live this hope! Let’s tell our young

God truly has a plan!

His Son is coming back again.

Hold faith until he come!