I have no answer

I stood there listening as our CBBCers prayed. Their prayers were passionate & it was evident that these were Godly people praying Godly prayers. Without a doubt God is hearing and will honour these prayers. But my heart was heavy, my mind full of questions…what difference can we make? Can we do anything to rescue millions of people pouring from country to country looking for safety; desperate for refuge for themselves and their loved ones? Are we necessarily right in assuming all these people will be “better off” in our country away from their families, culture and language?

Can anything change while leaders and dictators make the choices they are making? Surely, unless the leaders of all our countries turn to God and acknowledge Him then, surely, destruction and devastation will result for all of us? I feel overwhelmed…helpless.  Our prayer time ends and I’m left with these questions still churning through my head.

Sometime later I’m chatting with some friends and a thought flashes into my mind. I begin to reflect on one young man and his amazing story. How quickly I forget that he found us…that God brought a beautiful young man to CBBC…a refugee looking for some place to call home…searching…

And, since then, we’ve prayed for him, provided for him, fasted and loved him. Folk have made sacrifices for him, experienced people have served him, worked with him, become his advocate time and time again. We embraced him only to be blessed by him… to cry with him, to jump for joy with him as prayers have been answered. And now we wait with him for the day we see his family walk through our door!

Yes! God brought him to us. We prayed…God answered. We’ll continue to pray for these refugees and God will continue to bring these broken and lost folk to us for our God loves and grieves with each one of them just as he loves each of us.

No, I have no answer to the big question but we have a big God and we’ll stand together and watch what our awesome and compassionate God is doing!