It’s only a storm

The rain was bucketing down as we drove along. Would it ever end?

It’s only a storm, says Julie in her own profound way. It is still Spring… the daffodils bloomed and the trees are in blossom.

I haven’t been able to forget that statement nor the amazing truth I saw as I thought about our journey with God. Jesus Christ the same… yesterday, today… forever. God’s faithfulness never ends… his mercies are new every morning!

I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m certain we’ve all had times… moments when our faith’s been shattered; doubts and fears tumble in… questions you can’t answer and you begin to wonder what God is doing?

Well, I’m finally working out what God is doing at these times. He’s just going right on being God!

God’s love, his plans, his purposes can’t be thwarted. I like that word; I can’t find another word to take its place.

Some years back our son went through a divorce. We watched the lives of our precious family shatter. I could never ever describe to anyone the deep emotions I went through.

One day, as I was out on my walk, God spoke to me… I think He shouted! I stopped in my tracks. I’d let this tragedy rob me of my joy. I didn’t think… I’ve lost my joy it was more like, hang on, you’ve stolen my joy! I’d let this grief control me.

God was God, is God and will continue to be God however many storms may hit us. The great I AM just waits for us to see that.

Yes, my God is in the storm simply being God… he just waits for me to see it.