L Plate Christian…it’s a wonderful book

L Plate Christian…it’s a wonderful book

Everyday I read my bible, broken up into new and old testaments. This week, I started reading Ecclesiastes chapter 3. It occurred to me that these were lines from a favourite song of mine, “’tis the season, turn, turn turn” (Peter Seeger), sung by The Byrds..”a time to live, a time to die”.

This made me think how many songs have used biblical verse or scripture, so I looked it up on my computer. There were pages and pages of songs, sung by the big names, such as Presley, Jones, Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson etc. All very big names in the music industry.

Every time I read my bible, I learn a different thing. It never ceases to amaze me that not only is the book a story about a man, it’s history, a teaching manual, a guide, a reference book, but mostly, a book of inspiration.

People have used it to write big hits praising God that use lines & scripture from the bible. I know every time I get up to speak in church I keep urging everyone to read their bible, but if you haven’t read one, please read it.

I learn something new everyday from it, please get a copy and read, it’s a wonderful book.