L Plate Christian

I looked in the mirror.

I saw my reflection and thought, “Gee, how I’ve changed in this past year.”

Twelve months ago I had no hair on my head, it was a case of depression, that any hair on my scone had to come off. It was like a form of self-abuse, by doing this I was able to keep myself from doing something worse.

Last October, I took the advice of my daughter and son-in-law to come an try attending their church.

That turned out to be CBBC.

As soon as I started coming I was gaining the two things I had lacked for a long time.

Strength and a will to live.

I found in this church a strong sense of will power that is backed by a strong ministry and a team of wonderful people who will listen and talk to you.

These people have given me a strength of sprite and the will of God.

I look in the mirror now and see a face that smiles, has hair on it but more importantly looks confident because I see Jesus looking back.