What Is it?
“A Sack-full of Love” is a way to support a group of local young mums at Christmas, who are finding it particularly difficult to provide gifts for their children. All of these mums are putting in double effort because as well as working hard at being a parent, they are also pursuing an education.

Through “A Sack-full of Love”, we will provide 40+ babies and children with quality gifts, that are both practical and fun. These gifts will be presented to the mums in a beautiful homemade sack, personalised for each child.

Each child’s Christmas Sack will include 5 categories:

1. A BIG gift (value $25)

2. Stationery/Book

3. Toiletries

4. New Clothing

5. A Small Gift ($5)

What you can do
If you popping into the building then you can see the ages and genders of the kids and pick who you would like to buy for by—
1. Collecting one or more gift tags from CBBC.  These tags will give you the gender and age of a child, as well as details of the type of gift to be purchased.
2. Purchase the gifts to approximately the value stated on the tag.
3. Return the items UNWRAPPED to CBBC by the 14th of November.

Not planning on being around the building? Then you could…
buy something from the 5 categories above and drop the item off at CBBC…check the website for opening times but we are always open Sunday mornings!
You may make a donation to ‘Sack-full of Love’ and our program organisers will purchase gifts on your behalf. Please label your donation ‘Sack-full of Love’ so that our awesome finance team know what to do with your money.

BSB: 704-922; Account Number: 100010557
Please specify the purpose of donation (Sack-full of Love) Tax Deductible.

Any questions?  email: admin@christiesbaptist.org.au

“A Sack-full of Love” is a new cooperative initiative between Christies Beach Baptist Church and Zonta Club Southern Vales.