More Jottings From My Journal

More Jottings From My Journal

A Moment in Time              

I knelt to lace up the familiar little shoes for my two-year-old granddaughter. As I began, a strange thing happened and, like the change of seasons in a movie, I saw it. I was doing this very same thing but now it was her older sister smiling down at me and, no sooner had those memories flashed by, than it was their older brother, a concentrated look on his face as he studied what I was doing. Shaking my head in disbelief, I tried to bring myself back to the present.

There are a few other times in my life where I’ve experienced a time warp. One such time was when I discovered some lost letters from an uncle who had lost his life during WW2. I’d never knew this man but, here I was, curled up on the lounge…lost in another world as I read his letters. I folded the letters and sat there, staring into space … I was a little girl again wandering through the paddocks of our farm but this time I was with a kind, caring, fun-loving uncle. He was laughing down at me as we walked along together. I cried for this man I’d never had the opportunity to know and love but for this one moment, I’d been there with him.

I had another similar moment last Sunday as Julie summarised what she and Daniel had been sharing from the studies on John 17.

And, as Julie spoke, I was there…in the garden with my Saviour. I was there, feeling his passion; feeling his hand upon me as he prayed.

It was only a fleeting moment but it left me overwhelmed with the truth; the awesome truth that this same Jesus is still praying for me…for each of us today!

And now, as I reflect on that moment I realise what an ongoing impact this truth continues to have on me. My relationship with Christ is alive! It’s a reality!  It’s not a theory but a living, active, life-changing reality!

You’ve placed your spirit within us, Father God, that this reality of your presence can be ours every minute of every day. Continue your work in my life, oh Lord, that I may live in this reality!