Pastors Ponderings

People in CBBC often write in with prayers and meditations that they have received from the Lord during the worship time. I’m so grateful that they do because those inspirational thoughts about the Lord add a depth of understanding to our individual worship. It makes us see the Lord in a way that we hadn’t considered before. The following is a word from Holly. Before you read it though can I make a suggestion that you don’t just read it and move on to the next thing. Instead engage with the thoughts, words, and feelings expressed here; for example, by praying the sentiments shared back to the Lord

Today I got to thinking. I really felt encouraged and motivated by these words.

“The past is the past, don’t bring it along with you dragging it behind you kicking and screaming. It can’t chase you down, if you give it up… it’s gone. The awesome thing about the past is that’s exactly what it is and where you leave it. Let it go! Drop it right now!

Keep moving!

You are the one who does the chasing, build dreams and chase them down! Look to today, tomorrow, a brighter future is always possible. Have hope and believe that there is healing and joy; if you seek it in the Lord.”

I have goals that have seemed soo far away, I’ve given up on dreams because I let other people tell me they were no good. Today I’m dropping the past and heading forward.. why don’t you come along with me… stay strong, be brave, never loose hope.

I hope this encourages you today.