Pastors Ponderings

This week’s perspective comes from Steve, who is on the leadership team here at CBBC.

When focusing on our month-long perspective on ‘Hope’, I wanted to focus on a perspective that is faith based. Not a blind faith, but faith in the One who is faithful. When we look at life through faith-based hope it gives us a redeemed perspective on life—life will look different and looking at life differently can lead to a changed attitude, resulting in changed behaviour.

Yes, bad days can still happen to us even when we have faith and hope in a faithful God but with a faithful-filled-hope the day can be redeemed—redeemed means purchased back; to regain possession of.

God can and does change the bad things that happen to us into victories but we have our part to play in that. When life happens, we can respond with the same negativity that we see modelled so often around us. Or we can make the choice to respond with hope in the situation and look with faith to the faithful God, trusting that He is always working the work of redemption out in our lives.