Pastors Ponderings

This pondering has been written by John, and is a very timely word, particularly given the Sunday message last weekend that spoke about never forgetting the wonderful things God does for us.
Have you ever spent some time inside a great church cathedral or maybe a small, humble, country church building? I find there is something special to these kinds of spaces. Perhaps it is because in them I feel a stronger connection with the church through the ages. Perhaps it is because their street presence has been there for so long, as a continual pointer to God.
I have sometimes wandered through such buildings or even our own at Christies Beach and tried to imagine and appreciate the significance of what has occurred there already. I think of how many thousands of hours of prayer must have taken place. Or how many people have met God in these places. I think about prayers that were given over a century ago that are still being honoured by God today. That last one is an intriguing and beautiful thought. I love it that God works multi-generationally as well as in the immediate.
I was recently listening to a pastor who spoke about the legacy we leave, as a people of God. He was using the analogy of how vast the known Universe is. The Universe is immense and it takes over 13 billion years for light from the most distant stars to reach us. Considering this, many of the furthest stars we observe have actually burnt out long ago. Yet they still speak.
In the same way, what we do for the Kingdom of God today can have a profound effect on future generations. The many seemingly little things we do for God’s Kingdom may be used by Him to create a ripple-effect through time. It’s a very encouraging thought.