Pastors Ponderings

Last Sunday we had 3 excellent speakers who shared their perspectives on Church.  Joan shared and her thoughts summarised the conclusions we’ve been coming to for the last couple of years as we’ve been studying Acts. She said; 

“These past few days the word Oneness has been there every time I think about the meaning of Church. I wrote down just what I see.

Church: a group of sinners, broken wounded brought together as one because of what Christ has done for us. We disagree, hurt each other, at times bringing grief and pain to each other

But Jesus has prayed for us! He’s prayed for the Father’s protection over us from the evil one. He’s prayed that we will be one!

It’s not the oneness the world speaks of. No! Theirs is a comfortable oneness. Ours is oneness for one reason…to worship our Father God and bring glory to His name. Ours is a oneness based on a miracle. Ours is a oneness the world sees as foolish. It’s a oneness that seems impossible for me at times until once again I fix my eyes on my Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a oneness that crosses all barriers and cultures; a oneness that declares that Satan is a defeated foe; that shines the love of God to a community filled with hopelessness and despair. It’s a oneness that declares us the Bride of Christ and makes us His church.”