Pastors Ponderings


After the death of a one of our longest standing members, we as a people are naturally hurting.  This week’s think spot (from aMrs Jesus follower*) gives a timely and unique encouragement to see God’s promises in every area of our lives.    


13th  September:   It seemed strange that so soon after Marge’s death the scripture that kept going through my mind was, ‘Behold I make everything new.’ Wasn’t that inappropriate?

But, regardless, it kept coming back. It was then I realised, it wasn’t strange at all. 

She will have her new body; no more grief, loneliness or health problems. And life will certainly be a new start for me as we were in contact almost daily…how could it ever be the same without her? My thoughts ran on quickly. Why! Everything is new with God. Hasn’t God promised us that his mercies are new every day?

We are to renew our minds….all things have become or are becoming new each day as he changes us into his likeness. I could go on and on. Yes, we grieve deeply when we lose loved ones. But, if we, as God’s people, don’t live the truth of a hope and future God has promised us, what message are we giving to those who don’t know Christ? Yes! that word should be in my thoughts right now!

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