Pastors Ponderings

Phil, a member of CBBC, shared this word with the oversight team which he received from the Lord. We would love to share this with you and take some time to pray about this Sunday.  

A Time of Renewal and Restoration.  

“I am the Lord in the Highest.  A call to My people, to those whom I have called out of darkness into the light: fill your lamps, a time of raising up, a time of growing, like young trees growing on flood plans, fertilised by the silt of the overflowing waters of a mighty river. I the Lord am the mighty river.

I am He who fills And empowers My people. Mine is all power and glory. I speak and it is done; who can raise his hand against Me?  A flood—I have spoken upon the land and beast and people, the river shall break it banks and carry from the mountains rich silt and from smoking mountains thick ash so the fields shall flourish and the trees shall bring forth fruit in abundance, and there shall be plenty to harvest.

I have poured out my Spirit into your hearts, My church, My people and those who will put Me first and serve, these I shall raise up. Those who will say, ‘here I am Lord!’ it is you I seek and call. There is nothing to small or great, all I ask of you My people is to move, and serve me, and walk as one.  In an army, there are many jobs to do—some doctors, some nurses, some cooks, some runners, some in-charge of logistics, some in charge of communications, some are generals, some sergeants, some are soldiers.

Stand up and come forth, if you are willing to serve me in any way.  When I ask, do it, for the harvest will be plentiful and the work will be light. Many hands make the work light and joyful, but much work for few is hard, loathsome and a burden. Serve together as one and rejoice. I promise to always send my Holy Spirit before you. He knows the way, you don’t need a map, let Me show you the way as I speak and lead you. For your ways are not My ways for I am the God who sets the way and sets all things in their place. I am above all, I see all, I know all, hear all, there isn’t anything that is that I have not made.