Pastors Ponderings

On that first Christmas, some 2000 years ago, a baby was born. He came into the world in much the same manner as all other babies of the time, without the aids of modern maternity facilities. But this was no ordinary baby. Jesus, as he was named, was God coming into this world as a human being. Why would the One who exists outside time and space come as a helpless, dependent baby? Why would the very Creator of the Universe put aside all of His glory and power to be so utterly at the mercy of His creation?
A big clue to answering these questions is the baby’s name – Jesus, which means “God saves”. This is why the One who is God became a man: to bring salvation – reconciliation and restoration – to all of creation, to humanity. Christmas is an annual reminder that God loves us enough to live amongst the suffering, pain, and joy that is human life. This baby was born for you!

Happy Christmas to you all.