Pastors Ponderings

Last Sunday, Daniel spoke on repentance asking, what is it and how do you do it and why would you do this?  What’s interesting is that Phil was praying and received a word along a similar line from God.  I think the Lord is wanting us to hear Him on this subject and He is using every means He has to share His message. This is what the Lord said to Phil.

What I seek is a broken and contrite spirit. I will create a new and restored heart in each of you. This is what I’ve have been seeking, I want your brokenness.

I say; come as you are with all your burdens, struggles, wounds, all that you are. What you will bring and confess, that I will take, remove and restore.

You will receive deliverance and healing.  The yoke will be broken, if you do this from a contrite and open heart.  Confession brings healing; healing brings restoration to your heart; restoration brings freedom and freedom brings joy and peace to the new heart.

Because you have emptied something out, that space I will fill with my Holy Spirit. What was holding you bound is now filled with the Spirit of freedom and grace who creates in you a new heart.  It’s by my Spirit. The more the old wine is emptied out the more I can fill with the new wine and in your own heart you know this to be true, I speak truth and my Holy Spirit bears witness to you this day listen and hear. 

The more you empty the more I will fill. Think about this my children; from confession then healing, then restoration, then freedom, then joy, and peace of heart in the joy of my salvation and grace. I want to be the potter that takes the broken vessel and makes you into a new and useful vessel. Come to the end of yourself, stop holding on to those things that keep you bound and enslaved! How can I heal if you don’t come before me?

A contrite spirit is a humble and a willing spirit that seeks me.  I’m the only one that can make whole and make new from old. I made you, I know you, I see and know everything about you.  I already know you, why don’t you come to me, I’m your Father? I know all about you individually, my Holy Spirit is in each of you. I see and hear and search the inside, I know everything that there is to know about you—yes you!  Don’t look to the person left or right but you.

I hear you pray, ‘create in me a new heart oh Lord’. I will if you will let me, I’m always calling.  Look and see and be encouraged at My faithfulness.   I am willing, I am the one that is always and eternally willing, take that first step. Be willing to bring all you have to me. I promise I your Father will set you free. Remember what I have spoken, it’s sure and true. I’m willing, are you? 

Listen, how can a potter restore a broken plate when the owner of that plate doesn’t bring all of the pieces to him for restoration? Or if an owner of a painting accidently puts a hole in it and then tries to patch it up, and then mixes their own colours, and paints the damaged area of the picture, what would the obvious outcome be? It will still be seen by all that see it because it hasn’t been restored by a craftsman with the art of restoration.

Do you hear what the Spirit is saying to you personally today? I want to create a new heart in you. Through confession in prayer, make that step.  My promise is true you will be set free and I will move you forward. You’ll no longer be bound in one place but free, happy and at peace because you are obedient to what your father has asked (not demanded or forced). You have come willing, trusting me in faith, keeping my word to you.  When I make a promise, I keep it, I have never broken it. I am your Father who you can trust.