Pastors Ponderings

We are almost at the end of our week of prayer and fasting.  How did you find the whole experience?  Setting aside time for God is always an experience as you never quite know what He will decide is the priority for the time. It’s definitely been worth it and over the coming weeks we will start sharing back what the Lord has shared with us as a church.  This week we want to share a word of encouragement that Tanya gave to the church.  As you read this thank God that He is the author of life who is totally committed to involving you in His plans.  

Tanya’s word for CBBC.

I saw very clearly a tower of LEGO blocks of all different colours. And in a loud voice over and over the words, “Line upon line and precept upon precept.” 

Then there were these other small LEGO pieces that were unusual shapes, you know those pieces, they look like they don’t fit anywhere, or you wonder what they will make. 

Then I heard the same voice say, “I am the foundation.”  And I saw there was a mat, you know the ones like a plate that stabilise and hold up the foundations of the structure you are building. 

Then I saw words that said, “I have established a place for each piece, my design, my blueprint; follow it, follow me and these unusual pieces will find their place and fill their intended purpose.  It is never complete, but my work is in progress, my masterpiece. 

I will guide your hands, join in with the work of Holy Spirit, He knows the plan.”