Praying the Scriptures

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…when it all began.

It was a season of deep grief as it slowly dawned on me that our happy little “Christian” family wasn’t really as Christian or as happy as it looked. I came across Paul’s prayer in Colossians 1…I took hold of this prayer…it took hold of me. Oh Father God, that we would know you…live lives worthy of you…pleasing you…bearing fruit for you…knowing the redemption and forgiveness that is ours through Christ!!! What more could I pray for each of my family?

Oh, I didn’t memorise it…I used to do that sort of thing…I used to have a good memory…I’m not sure where it came from or where it went!

But there are other ways of having God’s Word right there with you and, in the end, the story and the truth of it get right into your heart and soul. So, I wrote the passage out and, attaching it to my dash… un-phased that all my warning lights were covered, it went everywhere with me.

And that was just the start. I now have a prayer, a promise for each of my family right through the generations. A psalm for the mornings…a prayer for friends who are suffering…a prayer for those who, as yet, don’t know you.

God’s word is powerful and using it in my prayer life is teaching me so much more about my God. It over rides my emotions, my tiredness…it refocuses me…keeps me in his truth.

I love your word, Lord God. Your decrees are firm, and all of them righteous. They are more precious than gold…sweeter than honey!