Are you between 8 & 16? Come to genZed. We meet during one day of each school holiday period from 10am-3pm for games, food and laughs. We usually walk down to Rotary park to burn some energy in the afternoon. Bring some money to chip in for food, or just bring some food.

If you’re aged 12 yrs and up, and keen to connect with others like you, genZed also joins our Young Adults group, eXertia (because inertia is about remaining at rest). We meet at CBBC on Friday nights from 5-7pm.

While we eat pizza, we play tabletop games or we study, scrutinise, discuss, and dispute the Bible together. We pray for each other as well. It’s a time for being able to share our different journeys and perspectives about our faith in Jesus. Want to know more? Contact Ben Morton on 0410 240 513 or the church office on 08 7200 5611.

Venue: Christies Beach Baptist Church
Time: genZed: Selected school holiday days 10am-3pm. Exertia: Fridays 5pm-7pm.