Who’s on our team

Daniel & Julie Gardiner

Senior Leaders

Julie and Daniel Gardiner are the Senior Leaders of Christies Beach Baptist Church. Originally Poms (of the non-whinging variety), they moved to Australia with their two sons in 2010 and joined the team here at CBBC in Jan 2014. After extensive training in the local language, learning what a stubbie and parmy are as well as being tested on their barbie skills, they now consider themselves to be fair dinkum, dyed in the wool, true blue Aussies (with the passports to prove it).

Julie and Daniel bring a lot of experience in church leadership, having started a Church in Paisley (Christian Growth Centre Paisley) as part of (CGi). Julie is currently studying for her Doctorate at Flinders, Adelaide where Daniel is studying for his Masters of Ministry.


Steve Hawkins


Steve is a man of integrity and justice, oh and wisdom. In a church where our passion is social justice, Steve is a real asset to the team. He always keeps us focused on the main thing, which is seeing people enabled to get the most out of their lives. I know he sounds like superman, but truly he is. He has dry sense of humour; you’re going to love him!

Bronwyn Jacobs


Bronwyn brings her wealth of experience in finances to the team, as well as incredible wisdom. People who have wisdom often say ‘well its just common sense.’ It’s not that common to have the right advice, at the right time, delivered in the right way so that people can follow it. That’s wisdom! Practical, life-changing, and an ability to think outside of the box is just one of the reasons we love Bron.

Rob Jacobs


Rob is one of the best ‘people’s people’ we know. He loves and cares about everyone. He spends his time having coffee with others, 4-wheel-driving, metalworking and campfire chats out in the bush. Every church needs someone with a heart as big as Rob’s – but tough luck ‘cos he’s ours!!

Tani Hawkins


Tani hears God.  Fortunately we at CBBC believe that God speaks to his people today and we value the way Tani brings both guidance and direction to every issue discussed. ‘Don’t lean on your own understanding, seek God’ the Bible says. Thank God for Tani, who in such a natural way shows us how to do that.

Danny Muller

Chairman of the Board

Danny Muller is Chairman of the Board. He brings his business and leadership background to help keep us in line, which at times is like herding cats! The board have oversight for the governing policies and strategic vision of the church and are responsible for CBBC’s biblical, ethical, lawful, and best practice conduct. In a nutshell we want someone to make sure we are doing the right thing, every time, for everyone and manage to do it with a smile!