Thinking about the Bible

Thinking about the Bible

Thinking about the Bible: Divine Revelation and the Scriptures

Bring your questions and look forward to exploring the Bible’s history and how we might read it in the context of a God who chooses to reveal himself to his Creation through Words and Actions.

4-week CBBC Teaching Series
Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30pm at CBBC
with Dr Stephen Spence
June 20, June 27, July 4, July 11

June 20: The Nature of Revelation

  1. The Creator God is unknowable (God must self-reveal; God reveals through encounter because “knowing” is about “relationship with” not “knowing about”).
  2. Both General Revelation and Special Revelation is inadequate because they describe a passive God who is apprehended rather than an active God who encounters.
  3. All Revelation is Sacramental – God choosing to meet with us through our senses. What might it mean that God speaks to me/us?
  4. The Bible is a form of authoritative Sacramental Revelation – God encounters the community of his people through a written text.

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Study Notes (PDF)

June 27: The History of the Bible

  1. How God’s word took on written form – manuscripts, editors, and scribes.
  2. The development of a canon of Scripture. The role of the Church.
  3. Key debates: inspiration (God-breathedness is a living act), inerrancy, authority.
  4. Translations.

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July 04: Hearing God through Scripture

  1. The nature of meaning: author’s intent, text analysis, reader’s response
  2. The otherness of the Bible: Genres, Historical/Cultural contexts
  3. The Bible as a Grand Narrative (in six acts)
  4. The purpose of the Bible and the challenge of hearing the word of God to us
  5. Jesus is the Word of God

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Study Notes (PDF)

July 11: Questions and Discussion raised by the Study

  1. Submitted questions collected over the 3 weeks
  2. Spontaneous questions and discussions

Explore Some Resources: The Bible Project is a free resource that helps you explore the context and content of the Bible. Check out their four-part series: What is the Bible (5’47”), The Story of the Bible (5’17”), Literary Styles (4’48”), and Ancient Jewish Meditation Literature (4’09”).