S.A.F.E.Centre Bookings

S.A.F.E.Centre Bookings

Can’t explain how relieved and happy we are to have a community space! More rooms; more groups; more fun! The rooms are often rented out and so we can’t promise but you’re more than welcome to ask about booking space.

Contact us either by email bookings@christiesbaptist.org.au OR by phone (08) 7200 5611. (You may need to leave a message, we will get back to you at our earliest availability.)

Meeting Room 1 Large seminar room, with multimedia/kitchenette ( up to 40 people)

Meeting Room 2 Medium-sized Board Room (up to 20 people)

Upstairs Medium-size Board Room (up to 20 people)

Hall (up to 100 people)

Full-size Commercial Kitchen

Auditorium, with multi-media/sound system, seats 220

People never like talking about money but here goes. Hiring costs depend upon the type and size of groups and whether it is a regular or one-off booking. But sometimes our groups work with us on a bartering system; so, again, it’s more about talking with us by phone (08) 7200 5611 or email bookings@christiesbaptist.org.au .