What is a life group? 
It’s a small group of people who are wanting to grow together in their faith. The groups allow for knowing God better and growing in our personal relationship with God and for knowing each other better and developing and deepening friendships with each other.

What is a typical life group like?
Each is unique! But generally most groups have some social time with snacks and conversation up front, followed by a time of study and prayer. The meeting will last somewhere around 1.5 to 2 hours.

What about me?
You can visit the life groups to find out which group suits you best. As we said every life group is unique and it may not be that your first try is the best fit. No worries, try again with another group. Honestly, no one will be offended that you did that.

What’s the address?
To find a life group just contact the church office at info@christiesbaptist.org.au or phone us on 08 7200 5611 and we can help match you up with the perfect group. Alternatively, speak to Ps. Stephen on a Sunday.