We are a Child Safe Church

We are a Child Safe Church

Christies Beach Baptist Church (CBBC) is committed to providing a child-safe and child-friendly environment, where children and young people feel respected, valued, and encouraged to reach their full potential. CBBC is a member church of the Baptist Churches of South Australia and seeks to comply with the Policies and Procedures at all times. Please direct any general enquiries to childprotection@christiesbaptist.org.au.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any CBBC worker (paid or volunteer) who suspects, on reasonable grounds, that a child or young person is, or may be at risk, and this suspicion is formed in the course of their work, must report this suspicion to the Child Abuse Report Line on 131 478 as soon as practicable. After a report is made, the worker should ensure that the child or young person gains adequate support. This could include, e.g., referring the child, young person or a Pastor or other leader; referring the child to other appropriate services; continuing to provide pastoral support to the child or young person and their family and monitoring their circumstances

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Where a report is made to the Child Abuse Report Line, but only if the child and/or the suspected perpetrator of harm is associated with the Church, the worker must immediately inform the Congregational Pastor of the incident. If the concern relates to the Senior Pastor, the worker should inform one of the church’s Senior Leaders. A written Risk of Harm Preliminary Report Form is also to be given by the worker to the Congregational Pastor or person otherwise designated as soon as practicable.

Key Documents:

Risk of Harm Preliminary Report Form Use this form to record and report an incident of harm or a risk of harm that involves a person or persons involved with the CBBC church. (Using this form does not negate the need to contact the Child Abuse Report Line (131 478) if you witness a reportable incident.)

CBBC Child Protection Policy

CBBC Child Protection Manual

CBBC Code of Conduct This code details the standards of conduct expected from all at CBBC who work with children and provides guidance in areas where there is a need to make personal and ethical decisions.

CBBC Code of Conduct for Children and Young People This Code of Conduct can be used with Children and Young People to help them understand their right to be safe.

CBBC Ministry Covenant for those working with Children and Young People This covenant is to be completed and signed by any person undertaking a voluntary ministry role at CBBC who does not have a written employment contract.

Those undertaking the Mandatory Reporting Training for Baptist Churches in SA and NT by CPS are provided with a resource: Understanding and Responding to Child Abuse and Exploitation.