What happens at a Sunday Service

What happens at a Sunday Service

What to Expect

Service time.  Start time is 9.30am and goes approximately 2 hours including coffee.  

We pray. In different ways and at different points in the service. Often there are opportunities for those in attendance to pray aloud if they would like to.

We worship. The musos play songs that say who God is and everyone can join in with singing, clapping, or lifting up their hands. 

We catch up. The MC will tell us about upcoming events. There could be news from the missionaries that we support abroad or from one of the works running out of CBBC. The children head out to kids church at some point during the catch up. The MC will tell the kids when to go.

We take communion. Twice a month we have communion together. It’s a time when we remember the last meal that Jesus had before His death and resurrection. Small pieces of GF bread and little cups of fruit juice are handed out on trays, which you are free to take or to pass the tray to the person next to you.

We listen to a message. Various speakers share for 30 mins from the Bible practical messages for everyday living.

After the service. We hang around and drink good coffee before leaving. If you want you can have a cup of … well we have options, and important bit is the hanging out. (sorry to all the good coffee drinkers)