Pastor’s Ponderings

Last Sunday  I went to another Baptist Church, because due to the Pageant our own was not on.
It was formal, warm, friendly, reverent.  Christian believers are family.  The service was very ‘Baptist’, a couple of hymns, some worship songs, a good sermon, just a piano, flute and three singers.  All very familiar to me.
But now what really astonished me was Me!  I was missing our exuberant, robust music!  The drums, the guitars, the keyboard, everything and everyone who makes such an enthusiastic contribution to our worship. The very ‘noise’  I often felt was an assault on my mind  and ears.
Now they say that confession is good for the soul, and I am confessing that this is indeed, how I have felt some mornings.  But oh, how I missed the joy, the upstretched arms,  way of  worship which is now part of C.B.B.C.
Here is no criticism of my visit  last Sunday to a different Church.  Perhaps all Christians are a bunch of ‘ All sorts’ !   The worship there was for real. What I find so exciting is that at my age God is still teaching and showing me stuff!  Surely  I know that true worship is only acceptable to Him from a obedient heart?. Surely, surely I know this?
What a Gracious, patient, loving, God!.