Pastors Ponderings

After preaching on Sunday, Simon left us with some questions to get us thinking how we can participate with the Holy Spirit in what He is doing. If you missed Simon’s message, it’s easy for you to catch up on what was said through the CBBC website (; simply press the Sermons box on the opening page.

Here are Simon’s questions:

  1. What part is God asking you to play in being the church, for us and for others?
  2. Who can you join with to offer your gift to others outside the church?    

On the same morning that Simon brought his message, Tanya submitted a word the Lord had given her. It’s interesting (although I guess not surprising) that it dovetailed with Simon’s message, by emphasising the need for us to join together to create the picture that God is showing to the world around us. Here is the picture from Tanya:

I saw a jigsaw puzzle, there were 3 pieces off to the right connected, two over on the left, about ten pieces joined in the centre with no obvious clue of what they were but you could make something out if you stared long enough.  The Lord spoke to me and showed me the final puzzle completed.  It was a picture of Jesus.

He said, “everyone has ideas and ministries and leadership but the world (i.e. the community outside the walls of the church building) only sees Jesus clearly when we are acting like Ephesians 4:16,…From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted……..edifying itself in love.”

In other words: We grow together, we move together, we are made to fit together to show Jesus to one another and to the world.

Let’s take some time in our busy lives to stop and prayerfully consider the questions asked and the word of encouragement given. God is on the move. It would be a shame to miss out on what God is doing, simply because we didn’t ask.