Pastors Ponderings

Last Week Daniel announced that Rob Jacobs has decided not to seek re-election to his position on the Oversight Team (OT) and that we will be nominating Jeni Ward and Ben Morton to both be appointed as OT Members at the November AGM. 

Daniel explained that both Jeni and Ben are already leaders in the church with Ben leading much of the work with playgroup and young adults as well as Alpha and Jeni taking on the vision for Missions in CBBC.  The OT have been praying for over a year about new members of the team especially in the light of our five year plan to focus on “HTML” (Holy Spirit, Table, Missions and Leadership). 

We believe that by appointing Jeni to the OT it will make sure that Missions is a major focus moving forward while Ben will ensure that the younger generation have a voice into the leadership of the church.  Both Ben and Jeni will also bring their own relative youth to the team as well as their experience in being part of young families in the church – an area that God seems to be blessing us with at present. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider these nominations and have your conversations with them and the leadership over the next few weeks so that together we can discern God’s voice. 

Can you also remember to Pray for Rob as he is sensing that God is calling him to focus on other areas in the ministry of the church.  Rob has been a faithful leader for many years (and will continue to be so in a different capacity) and unless you have experienced what it is like to carry major weight in the church you may not fully be aware of the impact there can be personally when you lay it down again – So keep him in prayer and grab a coffee with him sometime!!