Pastors Ponderings

I watched the film ‘National Treasure’, I suspect that most of us have and in it Nicolas Cage reads the map that leads to a hidden treasure using special glasses. Each time he pulled down the different lens, he saw a new clue, a new direction he could take. I thought afterwards that we should just watch ‘National Treasure’ instead of the sermon because it showed what is said about reading the Bible. We all come at the bible already wearing glasses, a predisposed lens or understanding of the bible that we have, and we need to deliberately use the other coloured lens so that we can discover the depths that the Word of God covers. The lenses we are encouraged to use are our tradition (what type of church we have grown up with and what tradition/denomination we worship in now) reason (cogitate and think things through) and experience. However, I think we need add more thing. Christians are supposed to act as a team. We bring what have seen and understood from our reading of the bible to the community of believers for them to use their tradition, reason, and experience to see whether what we have read is really what the Holy Spirit is trying to bring to our minds. That’s one thing Hollywood always lacks. In ‘National Treasure’ the hero leads the way with a confidence that borders narcissism and is never in submission to the rest of the team. And why would he be? He’s the main actor who gets paid the big bucks and gets all the best lines. It’s not to be like that in the Church. We need each other, to share what their coloured lenses show about the bible and the nature of God if we are to read the bible accurately.