Pastors Ponderings

Ever since her death on early Sunday morning, I’ve been thinking about our lovely friend. Her funeral will be here at CBBC this week  and so I suppose one could say that it’s not unusual to be thinking of her at this time.
However, it’s more than that. It’s as if everything I read seems to point to the same message of how truly blessed we are to have such lovely people in our lives. I read in Acts 9 about a woman called Dorcas who was ‘rich in kindness’ and I thought ‘rich’ was a great way to describe our lovely friend.
She would sometimes tell of her life experiences, for example when of working with victims of domestic violence, and I’d think, wow didn’t know that about you; you have lived a very full and varied life — a rich life. But our lives have been enriched too.
Many of you would have received an act of kindness from her (a card when you’re not well, flowers at those important moments) and probably not realised it was her because she usually signed it from CBBC. We are truly blessed because we’ve have had people like her who, because they are rich in kindness, genuinely care.
At the moment, my thoughts dwell on how grateful I am for our friend but I sense that her life is also
beginning to convict and inspire me to ask the question ‘and so Julie, how rich in kindness is your own life?’