Pastors Ponderings

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested it was time to consider and define what ‘freedom in Christ’ is.

Galatians 5:1 says, “it was for freedom that Christ has set you free. Now make sure you stay free.”

It’s difficult to stay free, if you don’t know what freedom looks like. Then, in last week’s pastors ponderings, a transcript of the word that the Lord gave to CBBC was provided that you could pray and then together we might discern what God is saying to CBBC.

In the word from the Lord, it says “I, the Lord, have given these days a name, Freedom and Holiness to the Lord.” Whenever God repeats something, it carries the expectation that God’s people will take particular notice of what is being said. ‘Freedom’ then is definitely on God’s heart for us.

So, the question is, what is freedom?

Well, this word from the Lord gives us a well-rounded picture. Freedom in Christ is a choice, it’s an act of our will. Freedom means letting go things we hold dear, like our pride and our desire to control both the journey and the outcome.

Freedom is God’s forgiveness. Freedom is associated with refining and is therefore a process and not a destination. Freedom is measured by the absence of guilt, shame, and unforgiveness but it is more than the absence of these. Freedom is measured by the filling of our lives with God’s purpose and plans.

Freedom is a heritage that you can pass on to your children–you can teach others how to walk in the freedom that Christ brings. When comparing your picture of freedom in Christ with this word from the Lord, I wonder if like me, your definition suddenly looked vague and even shallow in contrast?