Pastors Ponderings

We  have been away for a break and it was nice to catch up with each other and have time to read some books. One of them was a book by Michael Frost called ‘To Alter Your World – Partnering with God to rebirth our communities’. A lot of the ideas and thinking are things we are already implementing here at CBBC but there was also much food for further thought.

In it there was a quote which Frost felt was a prayer of commitment that any community serious about wanting to see God work in them should be praying – I agree!!

“Let our failures further unite us, illuminating the hidden beauty within us.

May our doubts lead to greater faith. Let us never become so isolated that we lose the fragrance of the blossoms under our very noses.

May isolation expose our divisions and lead us to healing and wholeness.

Let our transitions be grace-filled, accepting, and honest.

May we come to truly know ourselves, receiving the beauty and terror of our humanity.

Let our love not lead to betrayal. May we find better ways to negotiate chemistry and compatibility without losing one another or ourselves along the way.

Let our gratitude by sustained, leading us away from unspoken resentments.

May we never forget to celebrate, even as we grieve. May we live faithfully in the undramatic—the incubator of our imaginations— bearing witness to hope . . . And in discovering the unexpected gifts of shared space, live the way of community.”

Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community

By Christopher L Heuertz