Pastors Ponderings

I don’t know how many times I’ve read the scripture “how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger bringing good news” (Isa 52:7) and I’ve always pictured someone going out—someone being sent—and telling people about Jesus. I don’t know why? Probably because I always think ‘good news’ must mean the gospel of Jesus and so it must be talking about evangelism.

Of course, the good news is Jesus! However, this scripture is actually talking about a messenger coming back; a scout who has gone ahead and seen that the much needed deliverance is just over that mountain—God himself is going to come over the mountain. The message says that right now you can’t see God because the mountain is in the way but the good news is that the messenger-scouts have gone ahead and have seen Him. Have you ever thought of yourself as that messenger? As a scout who goes ahead of the people who, right now, are facing a mountain and who can’t see God in their situation.

Question is, how to be a messenger-scout? Actually, it’s not that difficult. It’s by praying. When those around you can’t see over the mountain, then you be the scout for them. You pray and ask the Lord how He will deliver them. You might be surprised by how God answers. He may give you an encouraging bible verse or a picture that speaks volumes of the love and comfort that only the Lord can bring. Or He might not. But even if He doesn’t, wouldn’t you like to know that others are praying for your deliverance when you don’t have the energy to face the mountains in front of you?