What is the truth?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the truth…these words kept going through my head.

She sat there staring out the window, her little girl playing on the floor beside her. I stood there watching this young mum who was so deep in thought. She’d been telling me of a conversation she’d had with another Christian…it had been a disturbing and confusing conversation. As she picked up her child and turned to leave she quietly said, ‘Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the truth.’

Lost in the complexity of all she’d been saying, I found myself without a quick and easy reply.


Later that day I posted her a note.

You know what the truth is…you live God’s truth every day. You know God’s forgiveness, you’ve experienced his redeeming grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometimes experiences, expectations and man-made complications cloud God’s simple truth but all we need to do is to go back to his Word.  God’s Word is truth.