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You feed them!

by Mrs Jesus Follower

It had happened again. It was one of those moments where, from a familiar passage of scripture, something new jumped out at me. It was early one morning when I was reading through Luke and came to the familiar story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand where Jesus said, “You find them something to […]

What does it mean to be a “spiritual church”?

by Mrs Jesus Follower

Exciting things are happening at CBBC. God is at work; lives are being changed. There is nothing more exciting than to see and to know the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. Daniel mentioned that we all come from different Church backgrounds. Never were truer words spoken! I grew up in […]

Pastors Ponderings

by Pastors Ponderings

This week’s Ponderings comes via Colin and contains some useful and important IT advice: A friend of mine and his wife are fostering two children aged about 6 and 8. He was doing some repairs and painting for me at the time and asked to have a quick chat. He is a tradie. There have […]

Will He Find Faith?

by Mrs Jesus Follower

I sat back and looked out the window, a barrage of questions tumbling around in my brain. Why hadn’t I thought about this before? What did it mean? Why is this question put on the end of this story? What’s Jesus wanting us to understand by adding this to the end of his parable? I’d […]

It’s only a storm

by Mrs Jesus Follower

The rain was bucketing down as we drove along. Would it ever end? It’s only a storm, says Julie in her own profound way. It is still Spring… the daffodils bloomed and the trees are in blossom. I haven’t been able to forget that statement nor the amazing truth I saw as I thought about […]

Holy Labor:

by Mrs Jesus Follower

How Childbirth Shapes a Woman’s Soul By Aubry G. Smith “pains” [itsavon] means anguish not just physical pain.    It is the same word used for Adam’s curse only it’s translated as “painfully toils” with the ground.   We don’t associate physical pain with Adam in the same way as we do we Eve, why? We talk […]

Contained within the walls of God’s sovereign purpose

by Mrs Jesus Follower

I’m finally getting it! After days, weeks even, of having new and exciting snippets of God’s truth seep into my dull brain, I’m finally seeing a clearer picture. I need to begin way back when I was a child growing up. All of my life I’d had the security of my parents’ love and the […]

Being Transformed into His Image…

by Mrs Jesus Follower

Mmm… I’m not sure if I agree with that… I thumb through my Bible searching for a passage I read just a few days ago that will prove my point.  Sound familiar or is that just me? The other Sunday Daniel reminded us that our focus… our desire needs to be to know God more. […]

Another Perspective

by Mrs Jesus Follower

I hesitate…I stop and start as I try and put this together. Why? Because it’s different…I’m different. Isn’t this what Julie’s been telling us? Isn’t this what makes unity in Christ unique? Yes, I know all that but… I set my laptop aside and wander into the kitchen.  Pulling down my jar of licorice-allsorts I […]

To love or to condemn?

by Mrs Jesus Follower

How do I respond to those living a lifestyle that makes me uncomfortable? How do they see me? What attitudes am I conveying to them? Praise God for leaders with the courage to speak up and put these challenges out there for us to face. Praise God for those who continually make us think, read, […]