Holy Spirit

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Being Transformed into His Image…

by Mrs Jesus Follower

Mmm… I’m not sure if I agree with that… I thumb through my Bible searching for a passage I read just a few days ago that will prove my point.  Sound familiar or is that just me? The other Sunday Daniel reminded us that our focus… our desire needs to be to know God more. […]

I’m losing my mind

by Mrs Jesus Follower

Oh no, I’m losing my mind…a familiar cry for some of us? But today my cry was somewhat different. Oh, no! I’m losing the mind of my Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, I’m not seeing my world as Christ sees it. I often debrief through the small hours of the morning…sometimes it’s purposeful but […]

A slow burn

by Mrs Jesus Follower

My church I have looked and seen your hearts, and a time of healing has come, a time I have set aside.  I shall refine my people in these days. I have said, I have lit a fire in my church and I shall breathe upon it with my breath until it burns white hot […]

I have no answer

by Mrs Jesus Follower

I stood there listening as our CBBCers prayed. Their prayers were passionate & it was evident that these were Godly people praying Godly prayers. Without a doubt God is hearing and will honour these prayers. But my heart was heavy, my mind full of questions…what difference can we make? Can we do anything to rescue […]

What does it mean to be a Spiritual Church?

by A Jesus Follower

Exciting things are happening at CBBC. God is at work; lives are being changed. There is nothing more exciting than to see and to know the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. Daniel mentioned that we all come from different Church backgrounds. Never were truer words spoken! I grew up in […]