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A Bad Day?

by Mrs Jesus Follower

It began wrong. It was one of those days some women and very few men may understand…what will I wear? No, not that, it might rain…oh, bother! That won’t work either, didn’t they say it could reach 40 degrees today?   And so it went on for half hour. I’d already wasted time trying to […]

Mrs Jesus Follower…on Paul being adamant

by Mrs Jesus Follower

This week’s pastors ponderings comes from our regular blog writer:  Mrs Jesus follower. You can read more of her writings on CBBC’s website   The Church of the Jews and the Gentiles? I paused in my singing and listened to the words of The Creed fill the building and waft out into the street. […]

I have no answer

by Mrs Jesus Follower

I stood there listening as our CBBCers prayed. Their prayers were passionate & it was evident that these were Godly people praying Godly prayers. Without a doubt God is hearing and will honour these prayers. But my heart was heavy, my mind full of questions…what difference can we make? Can we do anything to rescue […]