A slow burn

My church I have looked and seen your hearts, and a time of healing has come, a time I have set aside.  I shall refine my people in these days. I have said, I have lit a fire in my church and I shall breathe upon it with my breath until it burns white hot with fire, a refining fire.  When gold enter s the furnace it is heated the impurities rise to the surface, it is then scraped off and removed to the slag heap and disposed of. The temperature in the furnace is again turned up and the rubbish removed and thrown away, again and again this happens until pure Gold only remains.

I shall refine you as Gold, and make you into new vessels ,  yes a time of healing has come upon my people, A time I have set aside ,I shall break the bonds and  the chains of your youth, things that are deep and hidden , . I shall break the chains of pain, hurt, resentment, guilt, unforgiveness, lying words spoken over you by others; I shall bring them to the surface and remove them. Hear and listen, I am seeking a people of obedience, who are willing to bring all things to me.  For a time of healing has come, a time of refreshing. I shall lay the axe to the root and cut it off from within you, and you shall be free yes free indeed. I know this will be painful for some as there are valley’s to go through that are deep, but be filled with courage for I am with you. Be obedient to you heart for that’s where I shall speak to you, my call is to obedience my people, hear and obey your farther in heaven.  Remember, when you receive a wound to your mortal bodies it bleeds and then it heals, so too with your spirit, through prayer shall your healing come.  I love my children; I want you to be as children leaning as children, listening to your farther in heaven. I have told you the fire is lit; this is where I will start.

A raging fire is coming upon my church. I am moving by my spirit in a new way. I shall do things in these days that have not been seen or heard, but first you must be refined with fire. I have called will you come to me come close press in close? I am your father in heaven.