Holy Labor:

How Childbirth Shapes a Woman’s Soul

By Aubry G. Smith

“pains” [itsavon] means anguish not just physical pain.    It is the same word used for Adam’s curse only it’s translated as “painfully toils” with the ground.  

We don’t associate physical pain with Adam in the same way as we do we Eve, why? We talk of Adam’s struggle to be fruitful, the anguish or worry whether the ground will yield its crop. 

It’s possibly because we know labour can be painful and death has been (still is in some places in world) a very real possibility for women we immediately go to this initial thought of physical pain.     

The word “labour” in Genesis [etsev] means conception.  

Conception not necessarily painful!

I will increase you anguish in conception and childbirth… “anguish” think in terms of fear.   “women trying to conceive or pregnant are almost always fearful” in Holy Labor by Smith

Fears about child, fears for health, fears for future, fears on motherhood… even when kids here fears continue! That’s the woman’s curse.


Actually it does make a difference.  Woman can accept pain in periods and labour as ‘God’s will’ (which it isn’t) and not realise that the real curse from the fall is anxiety, worry and fear.   Jesus broke the curse…he freed us from the fears and anxieties and set us apart to live fruitful lives.