Pastors Ponderings

The Ponderings this week come via a new author, A Devoted Seeker:

Just pondering! What has the Lord been saying to me today? Well, what do you know? 

It’s all there in the scriptures! Every word plain and clear! No new revelation, just the straight, plain pattern for living! I can just ‘hear’ Paul saying, it’s not ‘rocket science.’

Jesus showed us how to live, and now He is making living the Christian Way even clearer, so, what is the hold up? I guess it must be ME! I began reading Paul’s Epistles yet again and it astonished me how simple it all sounds when Paul tells it. Love, of course, is the key word. 

I then realised I had to stop right there. Love not only being the key word but in fact the everything word! Love is the gateway to Forgiving. Love is the gateway to Acceptance. Love is the gateway to Compassion. Yes the Everything word.

All Love comes from God. We don’t always recognise it, but He is all Love, even in our miserable times, be assured He is all Love. His Love is indeed the gateway to Everything. All the Peace in our turmoil. All the guidance in our confusion. All the joy in our happiness. All the help in our worries. Love. God’s Gateway to Everything.