Pastors Ponderings

Dearest Ida’s funeral was on Tuesday. It was a beautiful service that she would have loved; it was filled with worship and bible readings and fun filled facts about Ida, who packed a lot of experiences into her 102 years. Even to the end of her days she was wanting to serve, and live life to its full. I always remember her volunteering to work in kid’s church just before her 99th birthday! Ida shared a poem she wrote with me. I thought you would all love to hear from Ida one more time.

Can you tell me of an earthly love more precious than the love which flowed on Calvary?

Can I find a friend on earth who is so faithful, He would sacrifice His life to set me free?

There’s no love to match the love of Jesus!

He is the love that satisfies my soul

The love I know is ever faithful

In His love, He died to make me whole.

Are there moments when we know our faith to waver?

When the heart is torn apart with grief?

When the conflict and the toil of daily living

Only seem to fortify our unbelief?

There’s no peace to match the peace of Jesus!

He’s the peace that calms the troubled sea.

He’s the peace that passes understanding.

And His peace avails for you and me

Are the ways we daily travel filled with darkness?

Are we burdened with a load of care?

Does the friend we’ve loved so long seem like a stranger?

Is there sadness, want and trouble everywhere?

There’s no joy to match the joy of Jesus!

He’s the joy that makes my heart to sing

He’s the joy to fill my soul with rapture.

He’s my joy, my life, He is my king